grants received

The AIDS Service Foundation of Kansas City is an organization that raises money for HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and treatment. They have been providing funds to KC organizations fighting HIV/AIDS for over 25 years, such as KC Care, Save Inc, Thrive Health Connection, and Hope Care Center. KCCI received $5,000 from ASF in Winter 2019.
The Trans Justice Funding Project is a grassroots funding initiative that supports groups that are trans-led and provide services to trans individuals. The TJFP believes in a streamlined application process and in giving funds to organizations and groups with no strings attached, in support of trans leadership. With the funds KCCI received from the TJFP, we were able to host the Job Fair of 2019, support the EQUAL Trans Support Group, and keep KCCI's doors open. We received $5,000 total from them, in June 2019 and January 2020.
The Bear Mafia is a local organization that provides social programming and resource advocacy to the Bear community of KC. They run a yearly grant, of which KCCI has participated in for three years. With the funds KCCI has received for the Bear Mafia, we have been able to run a yearly essay contest for student scholarships. We have received $3,000 total from the Bear Mafia in early 2018, 2019, and 2020.
The PowerOn Grant is a program that seeks to provide hardware technology for LGBTQ+ community center in the US.Their mission is to provide the means to use tech to society's most vulnerable: low income, homeless, isolated, and/or young LGBTQ+ individuals who often do not have access to computers, tablets, or WiFi. PowerOn gave five pieces of technology (a desktop computer, iPad, phone charging station, laser color printer, and WiFi mesh system) to KCCI in Summer 2020, all of which are for public use at the Center.