our pAst board members

The Kansas City Center for Inclusion continues the tradition of Kansas City having an LGBTQIA community center. Throughout the previous years, many individuals have sacrificed time to help make the community what it is today. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to those that have served these past years. We would not be here today without you!

Elizabeth Andersen
Cheryl Aufdemberge
Craig Auman
Melissa Brown
Dana Buckner
Veronica Carrillo
Howard Callahan
Darin Challacombe, Ph.D
Anna Claiborne
Jackie Claiborne
Christopher Draven
Marco Drummond
Jeff Edmonson
Ryan Gardner
Frances Grimstad, M.D.
Branden Haralson
Jen Harris
Athena Horton
Cathy Jambrosic
Inoru Morris
Riley Long
Ryan Zeller
Felicia Kyle
Jennifer Lewis
David Lopez
Toni Madeira
Sandra Moran
Kirk Nelson
Willow Parsons
Alex Salazar
Dylan Severson
Larry Sharp
Buck Sommerkamp
Craig Thomas
James Townsend
Pamela Williams
Alice Wilson
Allen Wilson
Bruce Winter (aka Melinda Ryder)
Stedmond Ware
Stef Sloan
Clara Sainte
Jonathan Roberts
TJ Burton
Tanner Jaeckel (Staff)