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New Volunteers

We love our volunteers! In fact, most of us are volunteers ourselves! We are a pretty small organization with only one paid staff member.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, start by filling out this form. This creates an account for you in Volgistics, our volunteer management system. We periodically send out requests for volunteers using this system, so make sure you allow Volgistics to send you emails.

To sign up for volunteer opportunities, log into Volgistics with this link. You may want to bookmark this link, as it is unique to our organization and you must use it to log in.

Once logged in, click on My Schedule. Find the date of the event, and select an opening. That's it! We are grateful for your help, and are excited to get to know you better.

In addition, Volgistics is where you will log the volunteer hours you spend at KCCI. It is important that you log your hours, as this data is crucial for us when seeking certain types of funding. You can log as you go, or backlog hours once a month... create a system that works for you, but just make sure to log those hours! Everything you do in service of KCCI counts as volunteer time, so that can include committee meetings, time spent at home working on projects, and of course volunteering in person. Thank you for taking the extra time to complete this step for us.

Join our Board

Many of our board members started out as volunteers. If you have an interest in joining our board, click here.