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Monica de Longpre



Monica Alexis de Longpré is one of our newest additions to the Board. She was born and raised here in Kansas City, MO and has recently received 2 bachelor’s degrees in biotechnology and chemistry. Monica’s career has been in continual development, taking place in academic and laboratory settings, and desires to continue her education into graduate school for genetic engineering. On top of her science endeavors, Monica is an award winning public speaker and loves to deliver presentations for large audiences.   

Outside of her skills and passions, Monica is strongly committed to promoting inclusion and justice. Growing up in poverty and surrounded by a highly diverse cultural environment, Monica’s foundations were built with the criterion of putting people first in order to promote a more empowered community. One way she plans to see this to fruition is by creating an educational program focused on guiding college drop-outs and graduates on rehabilitating their public student loans that have gone in default. Furthermore, Monica as a trans woman has a deeply rooted desire to focus special efforts for the betterment of other trans women in the Kansas City area, particularly the Black and Brown trans women of color, who are some of the most marginalized people within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Overall, Monica has the insatiable willingness to help others in need, especially during difficult times: if she is needed to lift a burden, she is somebody that can be called upon.