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TJ Burton



TJ (he/him) is a St. Louis native who has made a home in Kansas City and here at the Center. His recent professional life has included working in trans health care, and in Neurological Surgery. He spends his free time getting tattoos, sleeping, and being in the hospital. TJ is an advocate for the disabled community and is usually accompanied by his service dog, Allen. Allen is a year old Redbone Coonhound.

TJ has been on the board with KCCI for a year now. He brings his lived experience as a trans man and disabled person into his work every day. This is extremely important to him. Some facts about disability…

One in four people (61 million Americans alone) has a disability. Often, being trans and disabled can go hand and hand. 3 to 5 million LGBTQIA people have a disability. On average, two out of five transgender people have a disability. This is a staggering number in comparison to the general population.

TJ says that having KCCI to support him, and to allow him to support others, has been a blessing. We are blessed to have TJ and Allen on the team! TJ's strong passion for justice, his skill for connecting with others, and his creative approach to problem solving have been like a guiding star for our organization. TJ and Allen look forward to all the fun they’re going to have this year - and all of the different events they get to attend together.