On this day one year ago, our LGBTQIA community was rocked by a massacre that claimed the lives of 49 individuals. These 49 — most from the Latinx Queer community — were killed on Latin night at the Orlando Pulse nightclub.

We as a Kansas City community responded. We organized events and held vigils. We raised money for the victims and their families. During our response, however, we often focused more on the fact the victims were part of the LGBTQIA community rather than recognize, more importantly, the victims were part of People of Color communities.
The Kansas City Center for Inclusion (KCCI) will today be recognizing the one year mark of this tragedy. We, together with multiple other Kansas City-based LGBTQIA community organizations, will be taking time to reflect on Orlando as well as the opportunities we have to be more inclusive to everyone in our LGBTQIA community.

KCCI has reserved a shared space on the second floor of the building located on the Southeast corner of 39th and Main St in Kansas City, MO (e.g., the same building in which the Center is located). Tonight, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, all community members are welcome to grieve in their own individual ways in this room. There will be no ceremony.
We as Kansas City are standing together with cities around the country who are hosting similar events, because together, we are stronger.

Darin C.

#HonorThemWithAction #HonorThemWithActionKC