KCCI Resources

Religious Trauma Support Group

First Thursdays from 6-8pm

Open to queer folks of any faith or no faith.

Email emily.high@inclusivekc.org for more information.

ASL Practice Club

Every other Friday from 5-8

For anyone who is learning ASL, this is a chance to practice together. RJ (Deaf board member at KCCI) will lead us in a quick review or lesson, and then we typically break into small conversation groups, or play a game. Voices are off so we can be completely immersed in the language. Deaf, HOH, and hearing folks are welcome. LGBTQ+ led and focused, but allies are welcome too. We usually order pizza, and suggested donations between $5-10 are appreciated. Free to attend!

Email Emily or RJ with any questions about the club. directors@inclusivekc.org

Free Clothing Closet

Open 2-5pm on Fridays or by appointment

We have a small, year round clothing closet available to anyone in the community who needs it. We try to keep clothing in many sizes and for many different gender expressions. We are only able to store enough for a few outfits, and try to keep items that are suitable for the season. We currently have shoes, underwear, assorted toiletries, and a small selection of gender affirming garments such as binders and gaffs. We are only accepting new underwear and socks in the packaging, or new/gently used and clean gender affirming shapewear. We can also take a small number of new toiletries such as soaps and makeup. Email info@inclusivekc.org to confirm that we are able to take your donation.

Contact info@inclusivekc.org for questions or to make an appointment.

Binder Exchange Program

We are grateful to all of you who continue to donate your new and gently used binders to the community! We are also happy to offer several new binders in sizes from 5XL-XXS from GC2B. We are working to expand our offerings in partnership with additional companies. Look for trans-feminine items coming soon!

Binders are free, but you must sign up using the following link:

Binder Exchange Registration link

Email us with questions or to make an appointment to check out the binders.

Queer Voices Book Group

Every 3rd Tuesday at 6pm

Book discussions in partnership between KCCI and the KC Public Library every third Tuesday via virtual meetings on Zoom.

Books are selected by participants each month and chosen in effort to represent and highlight all racial, gender and sexual identities.

To register, email bookclub@kclibrary.org.

Check here for more information on how you can get your library card today.

EQUAL Trans Support Group

Every 3rd Thursday of the month

We are an all ages, all genders support and social group. We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month on the third floor at KCCI.

Email equal@inclusivekc.org for more details!

Find their Facebook page here!