Big Changes, Update 2 of 2

Feedback Needed

Did you catch our previous update? Start there to find out about our upcoming move. We have received a lot of feedback about Plexpod, with the majority looking either positive or open to it. A couple of you are skeptical. A couple of you brought us entirely new ideas. Today, we will repost a poll in our stories and ask you to participate if you haven't yet. We also encourage you to send us an email: Finally, please consider joining us after our board meeting on August 21 for a Q & A session. We don’t want to implement big changes without hearing from the community. You are welcome to come to the board meeting at 9am, or to jump in at 11 for the Q & A. Reach out by email for a Zoom link.

Purchase Our Stuff

Join us for a garage sale between 11-5pm on Sunday, August 28, 2022 at our location on Broadway. We have more furniture than we will need in our next space, and could use the money from these sales to help us cover the cost of a move, and to sustain us into the future. We have tables, chairs, a sectional couch, decor, TVs and other electronics, and a lot more. We are planning on selling some of the items during the week of August 22 on our social media accounts. If you have your heart set on a specific item, you’ll want to watch that space and be ready to comment SOLD!

Help Us Help Our Current Landlord

The new owners of 3740 Broadway are small business owners and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. They are also SUPER NICE, converting our lease from a five year commitment, to a month to month lease. They didn't legally have to do this. They chose to because they believe in our mission. We want to thank them for their kindness by helping them find new tenants! Do you know of anyone who is looking for office space in Midtown?  It would make most sense to break it out into three offices based on the configuration of the space. The new building owners have stated they are interested in installing a chair lift as time and funds allow them to do so. Meeting up with friends for a beer after work is pretty convenient when your office is just a stone’s throw from Woody’s! Let us know ( if you know of anyone looking for an office.

Thank You

Serving KC’s LGBTQIA+ community and providing a safe and accessible space, resources, and programming are rolled up into our mission. We want to be good stewards of the generous donations we receive and to listen to what the community really needs from us. We are sorry that decisions we have made in the past kept us from living up to our mission and values. We excluded disabled people by entering a space on the second floor of a building that requires taking stairs, and alienated sober individuals who may not have felt comfortable going to a community center located above a bar. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on this with us, and advocating for a more inclusive community.

We are committed to doing better and continuing to learn from our mistakes. We are far from perfect, and we have to keep learning and growing. We can only do this through humility and listening to those who are kind and open enough to let us know how to do better. Together with KC’s LGBTQIA+ community we will work towards creating a better and more inclusive future for everyone.