Gender Affirmation Project

Due to the amazing response of the Gender Affirmation project last year, KCCI is announcing the return of this grant program for 2023.

The KCCI Gender Affirmation Project is intended to help trans, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and gender diverse folks in need.  Our goal is to provide trans people (ages 18+) within the Kansas City metro who need assistance paying for gender affirming procedures by way of a $1,000 grant. 

Living with gender dysphoria is extremely difficult. The increasingly hostile political environment in the United States and particularly in Missouri have made the lives of trans people increasingly difficult and dangerous. Trans youth and people on Medicaid have had their health care options severely restricted by our state government. On the Kansas side, trans people face similar barriers and hardship. Trans people are more likely to experience homelessness, unemployment, and have higher rates of suicide than cisgender people, and the reason is clear: oppression. Gender affirming care is literally life-saving, but with anti-queer oppression along with a myriad of intersectional barriers, queer and trans people are having a very tough time accessing the health care they need. We all must do our part to support one another right now. KCCI is doing our best to help by continuing the GAP program this year, and by expanding in in the coming months to support queer people in tangible ways, year round.

The application for this grant is open from June 1st to September 1st, 2023. The $1000 grants will be awarded on September 15th, 2023. We are committed to providing at least three of these grants this year, and will continue raising funds to expand that even further.

Apply using this simple form today! Applications are closed for 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the application open?

The first grant application will be open From June 1st -September 1st. Grant awarded September 15th

How is a grant winner chosen?

We accept applications from all trans people in the metro, but we will prioritize QTIPOC along with disabled applicants and sex workers. The winners from priority pools will be selected first and second, with all qualified applicants included in the final selection.

What procedures does the grant cover?

Top surgery (mastectomy), breast augmentation, phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, vaginoplasty, valvopathy, hysterectomy, vocal feminization, facial feminization/masculinization, laser hair removal, electrolysis, and hormone therapy.

How are the funds distributed?

Funds will be sent directly to the grant winner or facility that is performing the surgery, and are intended for use within 12 months of awarding.

Who is eligible?

Anyone under the trans umbrella, 18 years or older in the Kansas City Metro Area that will be seeking care from a US based provider within 12 months of receiving the grant.

What constitutes the KC Metro area?

MO Counties: Cass, Clay, Clinton, Jackson, Lafayette, Platte, Ray

KS Counties: Johnson, Leavenworth, Miami, Wyandotte

What is funding this grant?

Currently, this program is being funded by KC Center for Inclusion in partnership with our sponsors. Up until this year, funds have been raised via personal fundraising endeavors within the community. If you wish to hold a fundraiser, or to contribute to this fund, please consider donating

What if I have more questions or need more answers?

Send an email to for more information.