Gender Markers in Kansas

Kansas Gender Marker Updates – Guidance for Adults


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• You must bring a current, valid, official, government-issued photo ID such as a state issued Driver’s License / Non-Driver’s License, Passport or Military ID.
• Normally it is advised to change your Birth certificate and then your ID. However, it may be easier to change your ID then your Birth certificate. Both should be completed as soon as possible.  

SB 180 prohibits gender marker updates for adults and minors as of July 1, 2023. Forms must be postmarked or submitted in person (Topeka, Kansas) by no later than 11:59pm, June 30, 2023. With lengthy delays experienced by our current mail service, it is strongly advised to use 2-day priority mail if you can’t present these forms in person. These envelopes are available for free from any USPS office. However, you must pay for the postage. This method provides tracking information/proof as to when forms were received/delivered. Forms have been provided for use.  

Only “Male” (or “M”) or “Female” (or “F”) are available for gender markers in Kansas. Your birth certificate will arrive in the mail and will say “Amended Birth Certificate”. An Amendment currently takes 3-5 weeks depending on volume. Your birth certificate is not and will not be a public/open record.  

Step 1: Update your gender marker on your driver’s license.  

You must submit ONE of the following options:

1) Medical attestations of gender change, which must include:

• A letter from the applicant requesting a change of gender. The letter must include the applicant's
current full legal name, residential address, phone number, email address, and the requested gender
marker. (A template has been provided)  


• A letter on official letterhead from a licensed physician stating that the applicant has undergone
appropriate clinical treatment or that the physician has re-evaluated the applicant and determined
that gender reclassification based on physical criteria is appropriate. The letter should state that
based on his or her professional opinion the true gender identity of the applicant and that it is
expected that this will continue to be the gender with which the applicant will identify in the future.


2) Court Order recognizing gender. If you have a court order recognizing your gender, you can show
the court order instead of the medical declaration. This is typically applicable to people who obtained a
court order outside of Kansas. Bring an original or file stamped photocopy of the court ordered gender

In addition to the above, you will also need a front and back photocopy of the applicant's current Kansas driver's license or identification card.

To present these in person:

Shawnee (Topeka Full Service) Location
300 SW 29th Street
Topeka, KS 66611
Hours: : 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday
Phone: (785) 296-3671

Make an appointment for Replacement/Changes here:

To apply by mail via 2-day Priority mail to:

Driver Services  
PO BOX 2188  
TOPEKA, KS 66601  

If the Division approves the request, you will receive a letter from Chief Driver’s License Examiner
authorizing the applicant’s change of gender designation.  It is unclear if this letter will be provided
immediately if presented in-person or if it will arrive in the mail. If it is provided immediately, you may
have to come back to the licensing exam center for a second appointment. If mailed, the applicant will
receive the authorization letter in the mail.

Once the letter is obtained, present the following at the licensing exam station:

• The Division’s authorization letter
• The applicant’s current driver’s license/identification card
• The appropriate fee required by law to secure an original, renewal, or replacement driver’s
license. This covers the change fee, photo fee, and replacement card fee.

($30-70 depending on your current license status)

You may be asked to make a second appointment.  

A PDF of these instructions (with forms) can be emailed to you. You can also come by on Fridays to get these instructions and forms printed for free. We are open from 2-5pm. Call 816-310-7396 or email for help.