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The Kansas City Center for Inclusion: an affirming and supportive space for LGBTQIA+ people. We offer community resources, peer led support groups, events and programs, education, and a welcoming space for queer folks to have fun, learn, grow, connect, build community, and live authentically. Our center is located in the midtown neighborhood of Kansas City, MO.
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Queer spaces change lives!

LGBTQIA+ people deserve support, care, resources, opportunities, and power.

Affirmation & Support

Our clothing closet is stocked with seasonally appropriate clothes for any queer person in need, and is designed especially for trans and gender expansive folks looking to explore a new gender presentation. We also have a binder exchange program, offering free binders to any trans person who wants a flatter chest. We are hoping to expand this program soon to include garments designed just for trans women and femmes!
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Connection & Joy

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Resources & More

Our organization is a resource for the community, providing programs, events, volunteer opportunities, and peer support. We directly give to trans people every year to support their gender-affirming surgeries. We throw a prom for queer teens every spring. In addition, we maintain a huge internal database of local, reliable resources for queer people. This database includes resources for housing, disability support, affirming therapists, youth groups, other non-profits and mutual aid projects, religious communities, hair salons, and just about anything you can imagine. We have developed a system for vetting these resources, and hope to expand our website to reflect our collective knowledge as soon as possible. Meanwhile, check out a selection of local resources below. And reach out if you are looking for something you don't see on the list.


Kansas City Center for Inclusion creates a more inclusive community by empowering and supporting queer and trans people.

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